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Hi! My name is Marie Lemaitre. After passing my double MSc degree in Digital Signal & Image Processing, I needed to let the graphic designer inside me express herself. So I turned to web as I was born with it. I spent 3 years in London web developing. But my artistic hunger was not yet fulfilled. So I came back home to France, 4 years ago, and completed a training in Paris to learn the visual notions I missed. I've been working in the field ever since.

I’m now ready to bloom.

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Blog revamping – summer 2014

I have been one of the first fans of Frenchnerd, mostly known - at the time - for their web-series The Visitor from the Future. This led me to work with François Descraques, infamous director and producer, on his old blog overhaul.
I redesigned the whole thing, under François's super-vision and went fullstack on that project since I had to migrate all contents from previous Overblog to self-hosted Wordpress, without neglecting the admin interface. HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and DB for acronyms.
Today, this blog receives 4000 visitors a day on average and my name's on it. Please do add to the number.
N.B.: I also worked with my team (I was administrator for more than 4 years) on their fanbase forum design, the FFF.


School Creativity exam – 12/2013

Right before leaving for Christmas holidays, we got a creativity exam scheduled.
That was a long way to go for me, not having any artistic background in my cursus.
The pitch fell on me like the sword fell on Ned Stark’s neck... We had to design a homepage for a company delivering salted pastries in Paris, London and Miami.
The concept of their activity had to be presented as new and trendy and aimed at urban young rich and sexy people. Everything we like. Salted pastries in the pool under Florida’s sun. Perfect landscape.
So that’s what my crazy creativity gave away.

Un amour de lingerie

School After Effects project – 02/2014

A small lingerie boutique in the second arrondissement of Paris, how could it be more glamorous? Well, with a nice and funny video to reinforce the concept of the shop maybe.
That is what was asked of us in this animation project for our school.
I decided to draw it all by hand to surf on the wave of the feminine blogs we have in France like My Little Paris, Pénélope Bagieu or Des yeux de bitch (you read it right!).
I sketched it on an iPad, exported the images, vectorized them in Ai and animated them in Ae.
I really really enjoyed that work. It’s far from perfect but it was my first attempt at something of the like.
I’m so sorry it’s in French... And as the talking is very fast, I’m not sure subtitling it would bring any sense. But please give it a go! It will give you an idea of my visual world and humour style. You might not like it but hey, I can also learn to be funnier!

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