need a graphic designer?

need a front-end developer?

need an image processing engineer?

How about all three?

Hi! My name is Marie Lemaitre. After passing my double MSc degree in Digital Signal & Image Processing, I needed to let the graphic designer inside me express herself. So I turned to web as I was born with it. I spent 3 years in London web developing. But my artistic hunger was not yet fulfilled. So I came back home to France, 4 years ago, and completed a training in Paris to learn the visual notions I missed. I've been working in the field ever since.

I’m now ready to bloom.

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  • Pages creation/revision
  • Content update
  • Cross-browser/responsive
  • Marketing placements
  • Newsletters

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  • Complete redesign
  • Fullstack development
  • Content update
  • Maintenance

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Media Science (now DataShaka)

  • Front-end development
  • JavaScript/MooTools
  • Cross-browser/responsive

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Web designs

  • Miam-Miam: School project
  • Yayammy: Personal project

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  • Drawing/Digitalizing
  • Storyboard/Scenario
  • Voices
  • Animation/editing

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  • Traditional drawing
  • Digital drawing
  • Digital colouring

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